• Visual ReCode Preview 3 Now Available

    The next public preview of Visual ReCode is now available, with support for WCF Duplex services, making it even easier to move your .NET Framework application to .NET Core today!

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  • Visual ReCode Preview 2 Now Available

    The first public preview of Visual ReCode is now available with WCF to gRPC integration for both client and server, making it easy to move your .NET Framework application to .NET Core today!

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  • C# Decimals in gRPC

    gRPC doesn't support fixed precision decimals out of the box, only floating point values - a serious challenge for handling currency values. How can you translate your WCF billing service while preserving exact costs and totals? We've got the answer!

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  • WCF Duplex to gRPC Streaming

    WCF's Duplex Service provides a convenient, bi-directional connection between client and server for low latency messaging. GRPC can provide a similar capability with its Streaming services with additional flexibility and broad compatibility. In this blog post we cover how to translate an example WCF Duplex Service into its equivalent in gRPC along with some new enhancements to improve scalability.

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  • What About Transactions?

    WCF has built-in support for complex transaction management using MSDTC to enable distributed transactions. As applications and networks have gotten larger and more complicated such high-level distributed transactions have become next to impossible to implement. In their place better application patterns are available to meet the same goals but work in large, multi-service architectures.

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