• Converting the Microsoft WCF Sample App to .NET 5 with gRPC

    On March 11th I was able to participate in Inedo’s webinar series on .NET 5 Migrations. This series so far has covered topics ranging from migrating NuGet packages, dealing with legacy webforms, and I got to cover some tools useful for .NET 5 migration planning, including our very own Visual ReCode!

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  • What are Guided Project Upgrades with Visual ReCode?

    We have added a feature called "Guided Project Updates" as part of the Visual ReCode 2.0 update. This provides a well-optimized and easy to follow upgrade-path for teams moving from WCF to gRPC. This article goes over some of the specific functions of the "Guided Project Updates" feature and its benefits during the update process.

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  • Introducing Visual ReCode 2.0

    Now it is easier than ever before to upgrade your WCF project. Visual ReCode 2.0 provides an easy to use, complete migration solution for teams looking to move from .NET Framework with WCF to .NET 5 with gRPC.

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  • WCF Alternatives for .NET 5

    If you want to use .NET 5 or any other future versions of .NET, you will need to find an alternative to WCF. The silver lining is that WCF has some powerful replacements that would be worth using even if you were not forced to move on.

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