Take advantage of the latest capabilities of .NET Core today. Visual ReCode is an extension to Visual Studio that works with you to migrate your source code to brand new ASP.NET Core solutions quickly and easily. It includes documentation, sample code and our fanatical technical support.

Upgrade to .NET Core Today

You could be taking advantage of the amazing performance and cross-platform flexibility of the new, modern .NET Core in a few minutes.

Visual ReCode migrates and upgrades your source code automatically, all from within Visual Studio.

Integrated with Visual Studio

Visual ReCode is a Microsoft Visual Studio extension, so it provides a comfortable, immediately familiar environment for you and your team. It won't slow Visual Studio down or get out of sync because it uses Visual Studio's own native Roslyn engine to understand your source code.

As If You Built It Today

Visual ReCode doesn't rely on compatibility layers or ports of legacy .NET Framework features; it rewrites your application to use the native high performance features in .NET Core.

Backed by Outstanding Support

We know that every application is unique, and your source code is the life of your company. Our support team is staffed by veteran .NET developers that can guide you to get the most out of Visual ReCode. If you want to go beyond ReCode, our professional services team is available to ensure your migration is successful.

The Hassle-Free Code Upgrade Tool for .NET

Early-bird licenses are just $195 or license your team from $295 per seat.