A Quick Look at the "Migrate a Service" Tool

Want to get a quick look at Visual ReCode in action? I recorded a quick walkthrough of the “Migrate a Service” tool for our documentation and thought it may be worth showing off here as well. The service migration tool does the following:

  • Generates a new gRPC service based on the selected WCF service in your solution
  • Can create a Client Library project to help clients transition their applications to gRPC. The project targets both .NET 4.5 and .NET Standard 2.1, so you can use it in existing client applications to make the migration process more manageable.
  • Can create a WCF Proxy project that allows clients that need to stick with WCF still interact with your gRPC service. This way, you can still upgrade to gRPC and .NET 5 even if your customers can’t.

In this specific video, I only use the “Generate Client Project” option, but the process would be the same if I decided to generate a WCF Proxy project.

Hopefully, some of you will find seeing it in action helpful. If you want to try out Visual ReCode for yourself, you can use our free trial.

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