Visual ReCode Pricing

Visual ReCode was written for developers, by developers
with easy licenses for an individual or a whole team.

Personal License


  • 1 Developer
  • 1 year of upgrades

For The Enterprise

Team Licensing

  • 50+ Developers

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What's Covered

  • License your Team

    Visual ReCode extends Visual Studio to make migration from .NET Framework to .NET 6 easy. License each developer on your team so they can ReCode applications incrementally while working on other enhancements. Each per-user license allows a designated user to install Visual ReCode on all workstations on which they are the main user.

  • Build & Deploy for Free

    Visual ReCode produces standalone source code that has no dependency on ReCode or any other commercial components. You don't have to worry about installing anything on a build server or paying any runtime license fees regardless of how and where you deploy your application.

  • A Year of Upgrade Assurance

    You'll get all major and minor upgrades as well as access to our support forum with your new license purchase. You can renew your Upgrade Assurance annually to keep up with the latest enhancements in Visual ReCode.

Pricing & Billing FAQ

Who can use a Personal License?

A personal license is for an individual who purchases a single license for their own use with their own funds. If the funds will be provided by an organization or the license is not for your own use, you should instead purchase an organizational license.

A personal license can be installed on any computer you own and used for any project you work on including personal or professional / commercial projects.

What is your refund policy?

We encourage you to take advantage of the free 14-day trial to be confident that Visual ReCode is a good fit before you purchase. If you're not satisfied, we want to make it right.

If you're not satisfied for any reason within 45 days of your purchase you get a full refund, no questions asked. We don't want your money if you're not delighted with our software and our support. For complete details see our Refund Policy.

What is included in the Visual ReCode trial?

The trial includes a version of Visual ReCode that allows users to explore the software's full capabilities, but not perform complete migrations. It contains the same UI and options of the full version until prompted to perform the actual rewrite.

The trial version arbitrarily copies all the types across with all their methods, but it only copies the body of one in three methods. Additionally, the trial does not support the creatation of the .recode "migration" documents. Once a trial license is upgraded, users can perform complete migrations and create .recode "migration" documents.

Does the software perform activation?

Yes. Visual ReCode will record an activation for your license on each computer it's installed on. Activation is designed to assist you in tracking your compliance with the terms of the license you purchase. You can deactivate computers online at our web site, and see up to the minute information on what activations are recorded.

Although there are limits on the number of activations based on the type of license and quantity that you purchase, our intention is to allow licensed users to activate Visual ReCode on each computer for which they are the primary user. If you believe you have a legitimate reason to need more simultaneous activations than your license allows, please contact our support team to discuss your situation.

May I use Visual ReCode on my personal computer?

Yes, if your company provides you with a Visual ReCode license at work, you may also use it at home as long as you remain an employee of that company.

I am an independent consultant. May I use Visual ReCode on my client's computers?

Yes, you may use Visual ReCode on a client’s computer provided you are the primary user of the computer. If other team members would like to use Visual ReCode, have them start a free trial.

Do you offer academic discounts?

We do not offer academic discounts or special pricing for governmental agencies or non-profit organizations.

What are my support options?

Standard licenses come with public forum support. This means that you can post any question to the community in our forums which are monitored by a number of your peers. We monitor them as well, but may not answer all questions.

On a case by case basis if you want direct support from us on a problem you can:

  • Report it as a defect: We value all submissions of suspected product defects. Defects are typically only resolved in the latest release and are prioritized based on a number of factors so it isn't guaranteed that any particular issue will be addressed on a particular schedule.
  • Engage our consulting services: We provide per-hour consulting support with a minimum contract length where we can help you with all aspects of your application migration, from code to deployment.

What is included in Upgrade Assurance?

When you purchase Upgrade Assurance for your Visual ReCode license you get all major and minor releases as well as bug fixes for the duration of the agreement. If you then discontinue Upgrade Assurance you can use the final version that was shipped during your agreement. Upgrade Assurance does not provide any additional access to direct product support.

Can I contact you for support?

If you have a support subscription you can contact us for support via email to [email protected] and we will get back to you within the terms of those agreements.

If you think you've found a defect in Visual ReCode, whether you have a support agreement or not, please report it to [email protected]. We may reach out and ask for more information or provide workarounds, but if you require a resolution or direct assistance we'd recommend you consider one of our support contracts.

What if my question is not answered here?

Have more questions? Please contact us or have a live chat with one of our developers so we can make sure all your questions are answered.

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