Mark Prince

Mark Prince is a content writer and junior developer for Gibraltar Software. In his spare time, he drums for local rock bands and plays with his dog Gunther.

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Can I Move a WCF Project to .NET 6?

You can't directly port a WCF application to .NET 6. Like .NET 5 the rest of .NET Core, WCF is an unsupported technology and will remain exclusively a part of .NET Framework. But it doesn't mean it's not worth migrating. Here, we review why you should consider migrating anyways, choosing... Read more

WCF to gRPC: What Should You Keep in Mind?

Are you considering moving from WCF to gRPC? There are many reasons to do so. Whether you just want the performance benefits or looking for a WCF stand-in for .NET Core or .NET 5, gRPC will provide a faster, less taxing framework than WCF. But what else do you need... Read more

The Hassle-Free Code Upgrade Tool for .NET

Early-bird licenses are just $195 or license your team from $295 per seat.