General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Gibraltar Software (the creators of Visual ReCode) comply with GDPR on all of our web sites.

How Gibraltar Software Complies with GDPR

This web site and the related web sites used to service all Gibraltar Software customers (,, and are collectively governed by a common Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy. Information collected about our visitors is handled by our internal marketing and support teams to facilitate interactions with our customers and other visitors.

Like most companies that offer products online, we track anonymous users to understand navigation paths and what content people like (or don’t like). If you provide your email address or name to us (typically to sign up for a trial or purchase) then we can track your specific interactions which we use primarily to help us support you by seeing what content you’ve visited.

We expire anonymous tracking information after 24 months and user accounts that have no commercial relationship with us after six months. If you want to be removed immediately you can do so using the Unregister page.

For more information on the specific details of what we track, what third parties (like Google Analytics) we use to process that information, and other related items see our Privacy Policy.

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