The .NET Core team have worked hard to make ASP.NET Core incredibly fast, efficient, and cross platform. If you could move your existing .NET Framework ASP.NET Web API 2 application to .NET Core you could dramatically lower your hosting costs, improve response time, and be positioned to take advantage of the latest developments in microservice architectures and more.

At Build 2019, Microsoft announced that there is going to be a new version of .NET - .NET 5.0, but it will be based on .NET Core 3, not the .NET Framework. While many applications can be easily updated to .NET Core, your existing Web API 2 code can’t just be copied across and recompiled.

ReCode from ASP.NET Web API 2 to ASP.NET Core Web API

Visual ReCode will guide you through creating a new ASP.NET Core 3.0 Web API Project and then automatically copy and rewrite your existing API ApiController types to ASP.NET Core Controller types.
The new controllers will be updated to use ASP.NET Core’s ActionResult<T> with mapping for HttpResponseException errors.

Of course, just converting the controllers doesn’t cover all your application does - so ReCode will also identify and copy dependencies from your .NET Framework project(s) to .NET Core 3.0 project(s).
You can choose how to map from your old projects to the new .NET Core projects to optimize how you want your final application code structure to be.

Add OpenAPI metadata

Modern HTTP APIs should be documented using the OpenAPI (formerly known as “Swagger”) standard, which provides interactive documentation of your APIs in the browser and supports client code generation across multiple platforms. Visual ReCode can automatically add the necessary code to support OpenAPI as it migrates your ASP.NET WebAPI 2 application to ASP.NET Core Web API.

Fast, Native Implementation

Visual ReCode works by moving your source code from a .NET Framework project to a new .NET Core project and rewriting it as a native ASP.NET Core Web API. It doesn’t add any proprietary third party libraries - instead it creates the same code you would make yourself if you were starting from scratch today.

Once you’ve ReCoded your application you don’t need Visual ReCode around to compile it, modify it, or deploy - because everything’s using the native .NET Core implementations just like a brand new implementation.

The No-Hassle Code Upgrade Tool for .NET

Individual licenses are just $295 $100 or license your team and deploy worldwide starting at $1,495 $995