Soap for .NET Core

Even though you’re committed to moving to modern .NET that doesn’t mean the rest of the world can convert with you. What if you need to still interact with external services via SOAP? .NET Core doesn’t provide a native SOAP client - or provide a way to generate one from a WSDL SOAP schema.

.NET Standard SOAP Client Generator

Visual ReCode can generate a high-performance .NET Standard client from a WSDL SOAP schema. This client code is added to a project of your choice and can handle both HTTP or NetTCP bindings. So, whether you need to handle SOAP temporarily while migrating a large system or forever thanks to legacy external systems you’re covered.

No Proprietary Libraries

Visual ReCode provides you all the source code right in your project, on top of .NET Standard. It doesn’t introduce new third party dependencies you need to worry about versioning down the road. You can see exactly what ReCode is doing to provide high-performance SOAP communication.

The No-Hassle Code Upgrade Tool for .NET

Individual licenses are just $295 $100 or license your team and deploy worldwide starting at $1,495 $995