Modernize your .NET code

Migrate Class Libraries to .NET Standard

Visual ReCode will create new .NET Standard 2.0 or 2.1 class library projects (using the new SDK project format) and copy all or part of your source code, automatically detecting dependencies.

Migrate Large Solutions

Do you have a large solution with many projects? Visual ReCode can bring them over and map them to the same project heirarchy or simplify the heirarchy as you desire. ReCode automatically scans dependencies between types to ensure that the converted code will compile and preserve the same visibility (public, private, internal) as the original code.

Migrate Just What You’re Using

Mature software projects often have sections of the source code that are no longer in use - types that were phased out or possibly never used. Visual ReCode uses the Roslyn compiler built into Visual Studio to determine what types, methods, properties, and fields are used and can automatically remove dead code. Or, you can elect to have Visual ReCode just add comments to mark dead code during conversion.

Modernize Async Calls

Before .NET 4.5, if you wanted to invoke framework methods asynchronously you had to use the BeginOperation/EndOperation pattern. Visual ReCode can automatically convert this to leverage Task and ValueTask to work with the latest .NET Framework async/await calls.

The No-Hassle Code Upgrade Tool for .NET

Individual licenses are just $295 $100 or license your team and deploy worldwide starting at $1,495 $995