The Hassle-Free Code Upgrade Tool for WCF

.NET is evolving faster than ever - Visual ReCode brings your WCF applications along for the journey

As If You Built It Today

Visual ReCode doesn't rely on compatibility layers or ports of legacy .NET Framework features; it rewrites your application to a brand new .NET Core and .NET 6 solution, with all the performance and cross-platform flexibility that comes with the new frameworks.

Once you've ReCoded your application you don't need Visual ReCode around to compile it, modify it, or deploy - because everything's using the native .NET Core and .NET 6 implementations just like a clean sheet implementation.

That means no third-party runtime dependencies and no on-going support costs. Your new applications are all yours.

Fast & Efficient - How we measure up

Request Memory
WCF (HTTP+SOAP) 1,406μs 19.38 KB
WCF (NetTCP) 211μs 3.52 KB
ReCoded .NET Core gRPC 191μs 1.14 KB

Straight-forward licensing

Visual ReCode was written for developers, by developers. That's why our simple licensing model is affordable for everyone, from single developers to large teams.

The Hassle-Free Code Upgrade Tool for .NET

Early-bird licenses are just $195 or license your team from $295 per seat.